Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Models Own Haul & Swatches.

As you all may know, I recently did the Nail Trends for Autumn. In doing so it made me realise that I don't really have many nude/pink shades. So whilst browsing the Models Own website I thought it would be as good a time as any to pick a couple more up! As they do the special deals where if you buy 3 polishes you get them for £12 (£3 off) or if you buy 5 you get them for £18 (£7 off). So as you can see, I got 5. I was going to stop there, but I've been craving the Models Own Nail Art Pen for AGES now, so I thought whilst I'm treating myself I may as well get that too. This brought the total to £24, and you qualify for free standard shipping for orders of £25, unfortunately there's nothing on the website for £1, the cheapest thing I saw was £ that's the reason for the two Nail Buffers!
Anyway! On to the colours; (Apologies for the swatches! Blame the dull English weather)

Peach Puff: A dark peach pastel colour with brown undertones.
Nude Beige: I expected this to be a neutral beige colour with a tiny hint of brown, However the colour itself is more of a dark brown with a pinky/purple undertone than a beige.
Vintage Pink: I have been lusting over this colour for absolutely ages, and I could never seem to find it on the website, booo. Until now! Vintage Pink is a pinky mauve colour with a sort purple/blue undertone. The swatch above makes it look a bit darker than it is, but that's due to the 'lovely' English weather. I will re-swatch IF the sun comes out.
Purple Ash: This looks veryyy similar to Vintage Pink in the bottle (so much so I had to double check I didn't have the same polish twice!) and is a dusky Rose colour. It has hints of brownish undertones too. It's REALLY hard to describe, so I apologise, but yes. I love it! (Again swatch seems darker)
Grace Green: A gorgeous khaki/olive creme polish. This is the sort of colour I think of when I think of Autumn. Love it.

If you'd like, I will give a more in depth review/comparison in individual posts, just let me know in the comments if you want to see those! What are your favourite colours from Models Own?

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