Sunday, 16 October 2011

NOTD: Pastel Hearts

Seeing as I was unhappy with my previous mani, I decided to do something different. I saw something similar to this on YouTube, but the hearts were stitched round the edges. I did originally start to do this, but some of them didn't even look like hearts in the end, so I decided to just do normal styled hearts. I do like how this turned out, but I know I could have done better, and I definitely need some practise painting with my left hand, the hearts on my right nails are absolutely horrendous, so these will be coming off shortly after this post has gone up!
For the base colour I used China Glaze - Pelican Grey. I then used BarryM - Berry Ice Cream (Purple), Strawberry Ice Cream (Pink) and Blueberry Ice Cream (Blue) and Models Own - Jade Stone (Green) and Snow White (Polka Dots). For the outline I used Models Own/WAH Nail Art Pen.

I think this is SO cute, I just wish that my right hand turned out as well as this, otherwise I'd have been sporting this until it chips. Hey ho, that's life I suppose...If anyone has any tips for getting the right hand to look like the left. Leave me a comment below!


  1. Wow, this is really cute!!!!

  2. This is so cute love love heart nails in general x

  3. Perfect for Valentine's Day too! Good job!