Tuesday, 4 October 2011

NOTD: Polka Dot

So I thought I would give myself a little mini-manicure, but something that was simple and not time consuming and here they are.
This design is so cute and yet simple to do. In order to do this look, I used a total of 5 things, all of which you will find in your house, if you don't have any dotting tools.
  • Base colour of your choice
  • A colour of your choice for the dots
  • A top coat (optional)
  • A piece of paper
  • A toothpick/cocktail stick.
First paint your nails the colour you've chosen (you can apply a base coat before this step, I chose not to). For mine I used Blueberry Ice Cream by BarryM.
While this is drying take the colour you chose for your polka dots and dot the brush onto the piece of paper until you have a generous dollop.
Then take your cocktail stick and dip it into the nail polish, for this I used Lemon Meringue by Models Own (note: you have to repeat this step a few times, until there is a build up on nail polish on the end of the cocktail stick to achieve larger dots, you can dot it on the paper to test the size)
Once you've done this, your base colour should be dry. Dot the cocktail stick into the polish and apply to your nails, you will have to repeat this two or three times for each finger.
When all your nails are done, leave them to dry for about 5 minutes and then apply a topcoat of your choice, for mine I used No Chip by China Glaze.
If needs be, tidy up the edges with a cutip dipped in polish remover, and voila.

You're DONE! :)

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