Saturday, 5 November 2011

31 Day Blog Challenge

Okay, so I have been meaning to do this challenge for AGES now, I've seen it floating around the blogging community and I thought it would be something to challenge my nail art ability (which as of now isn't very 'pro') and seeing as I've gotten my Bundle Monster image plates I thought now would be as good a time as any to get started! Also I've been lacking creativity recently so this gives me something to go by.
I've done a blog challenge before, but I never seem to finish them, however this time WILL be different, I promise. If anyone else would like to join me in doing this, I'd love to be able to see what you come up with, and will post a link to your posts when writing mine!
Stay tuned for the results!


  1. Hi
    Seen a few bloggers doin this recently and I would love to do it but not right now due to other commitments at work n uni. Or else I'd of joined you!! Good luck with it tho lookin forward to seein what u come up with xxx

  2. Awh! That's a shame. I'd have loved to have had someone to do it with! Keeps up the motivation