Thursday, 24 November 2011

Birthday Nail Mail (pic heavy)

You may or may not know, E.L.F or Eyeslipsface, just had a 40% off sale on their website to celebrate reaching 275,000 facebook likes. Seeing as my birthday was coming up, I thought I'd put a little order in. I got a few make-up items, but the majority of my order consisted of nail polish. Usually their polishes are £1.50, which is a bargain in itself, but with the 40% off offer they went to 90p each. For the quality of their polishes, this is amazing. Without even hesitating I ordered the remainder of the polishes I don't already own (with the exception of the 9 that are currently out of stock). Bringing my total ELF polish collection to 40/49, with 2x Black & Clear.

Don't they look pretty? I will eventually get around to swatching them all properly, but for the time being, I have swatched them onto a nail wheel. If you're interested in knowing a specific colour, if you leave a comment with the number of the swatch you like (pictured below), I'll gladly tell you which colour it is.
It's times like these that I wish I had multiple hands, so I could swatch them all for you in one giant lump. But that's not possible, unless you're a spider with 5 fingers on each leg. Unfortunately, I'm terrified of spiders, so there won't be a spider swatching anytime soon!

Here's the mass of boxes & plastic after unwrapping them all. Impressive huh!

Now for the swatches;

Both Wheels

My first swatch wheel. Numbers 1-11 are the polishes I already owned. The rest are the newbies to my collection.
If you'd like to know colours, as I said let me know in the comments with the number! (if you're unable to read the numbers, the wheel goes from 1-18, starting with the black)

And here is the second wheel with numbers ranging from 19-36. There is a blank nail on here, as one of the polishes I recieved (passion pink) is pretty much glued shut. I think it's a job for the plyers! I tried to get the best photo of them I could, I hope it will suffice!

I'm so glad they arrived today, it makes me feel like it was a huge birthday gift from E.L.F although I paid for them all :). I've been thinking of doing a polish collection post, would any one be interested in that? I'd start off by doing each individual brand, as a collective post would be extremely pic heavy. Let me know in the comments! Hope you're all having a good day!


  1. That's a haul and a half. Wow. Hope you had a great birthday :-)

  2. It sure is, my boyfriend wasn't too impressed though!