Saturday, 19 November 2011

Day 15 - Delicate Print

Hi Guys, 
I'm Charlie and I blog over at Charlies Wonderland!
Rachel has very kindly asked me if I would care to fill in for her while she is away and continue with the 31 day challenge! 
I picked Day 15, delicate nails.... Why oh why I did is beyond me! I was struggling and struggling to think of something that did not include stamping (due to lack of stamping gear .... please santa!)  
So anyway, I went to a wedding (sounds odd as I am typing this on Thursday in preperation for my very busy weekend!!) anyway, I went to my future (i hope) brother and sister in laws wedding yesterday and I knew how I wanted my nails, due to them being bitten right down I also knew it would call for some falsies!  
So off I popped to the cheapy shop where I get all my false nails from, and I got some for 99p! I also picked up some little pearls while I waws there, they can be used for allsorts they are nail specific ones. 
I got home and set to work. I knew Id have a hard time trying to stick the pearls on once I had the nails on my fingers so I decided I would do the nails first then stick them on!
Never Again!! I spent most of the afternoon chasing nails around my desk, and getting them stuck everywhere! Oh and then when I did finally stick them on realised I had forgotten to make them shorter so they are friggin huge!
Anyway so I eventually finished and this is what they look like, I hope that you like them, I think pearls are very delicate so it does go with the challenge theme!

 I used Ciate - My fair Lady as the base, then popped the pearls on whilst still very slightly tacky, and finished with a top coat, much easier than it sounds!

A lovely close up, should of picked a better nail haha

See how I mean the nails are very long!!!

In the natural (dusky) light of my window!

There you have it guys, my delicate nails!

Check out my blog for other nail (so called) art! 



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