Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 2: Orange Nails

First of all, please excuse the terrible lighting, I was so disheartened by my red nails falling to pieces I thought I may aswell crack on with Day 2, and technically it is past midnight in the UK, so this counts as a new day!
*Note to self: Must invest in a better quality camrea*
So todays nail challenge is Orange nails. I did cheat a little, as I believe these are supposed to just be block coloured nails, but who cares? They're still all with the 'orange theme'
For my base colour I used BarryM - Coral which is a bright orange with a reddish undertone and is one of my favourite Summer colours to wear.
For the stamp colour I used BarryM - Peach Melba which is a pale, milky peach colour and is definitely one of those staple Spring colours. For the flowers I used Bundle Monster's BM224 image plate.

I'm quite pleased with how this turned out ^.^ as it was my first attempt at stamping, which explains why  they're a little wonky!

Thanks for stopping by! And if I remember, I will try and take an outdoor picture to replace the one above, but there is NO sunshine whatsoever in England anymore :(

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