Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 6: Violet Nails

Before I start, I'm currently looking for a few guest bloggers to post for me whilst I'm away. To find out more click HERE.

So, back to the post! Today is Purple nails day and for this I decided to use BarryM's Bright Purple & Berry Ice Cream, Saffron London in colour 05 and E.L.F's Matte Finisher.
I was originally just going to have a block colour of BarryM's Bright Purple, but I then decided to jazz it up a little with some Stripes & Glitter.
After doing so, I found with the creaminess of the polishes and the combination of the glitter, I found it to be a bit to shiny, so that's where the Matte Finisher came in handy! I was pretty pleased with how they looked when finished (minus the tiny little smudges that occurred). I just can't seem to give my nails enough time to just get their 'dry on'. Impatience is one of my fatal flaws, that's for sure.
Hopefully, when I get onto the more complicated ones I'll be able to do a step by step guide, if the lighting isn't dull and I have enough time, it gets dark at around 4.30pm in England now....BOO! I hate Winter.


  1. lovely, i love purple! haha. you should try the sally hansen insta-dri topcoat, it dries your nails in 30 seconds :)

    Dara x

  2. I don't think I have that where I live :\, not in my town anyway!

  3. I like the sally one, but I also like revlon's! not too sure if you have that, though..?

    anyway, I love purple & glitter, so I love this combination!:]

  4. aww cute design! as for quick drying topcoats, try NYC its cheap and cheerful and states it dries in 30 seconds, but its more like 60! xx

  5. @Sarah; we do have Revlon over here, but I haven't seen their quick dry, I'll have a look though! Thanks

    @Charlie; Oh, I'll have to nip to superdrug and have a look to see if we have any in our store! ^.^

    Thanks guys :)