Sunday, 20 November 2011

Guest Blogger: My Top 5 Models Own Polishes

Hey, I'm Dara and my blog is Musings and Reviews :)
I'd like to thank Rachel for choosing me as one of her guest bloggers while she is away. Unfortunately I won't be continuing with the 31 day challenge, as I don't really do nail art, but Rachel will be posting her design for today in another post :)

So, on to my top 5 Models Own polishes.

1. Purple Poppy

This is my absolute favourite MO polish. It's the most amazing bright purple colour which is eye catching, but not too in your face. It applies amazingly and dries really quickly too :)

2. Smash-Up polish in gold

This is the most recent of the MO 'Smash-up' polishes. In this photo I have used it on top of purple poppy, which is my favourite combination. I think these colours look great together, and this polish has a really professional look to it, even tho it only takes a few seconds to do.

3. Champagne

This is such a beautiful colour! It's like gold, silver and copper all mixed together, maybe like a platinum colour? It has a gorgeous metallic finish and is extremely chip resistant. I think it looks very elegant :)

4. Magenta Pearl

I have a thing for dark pinky/burgundy nail colours and this one is just perfect. It has the most amazing metallic finish and there's something very grown-up about it. As much as I'm in love with this colour, I always seem to smudge my nails when I've used this. I don't know if thats just me or if this polish doesn't dry as quickly as the others?

5. Pinky Brown

This is pinky brown from the highly anticipated new Beetlejuice collection. This photo doesn't really show the colour properly, but you can see that is has a lovely sparkly finish. It's primarily pinky, but turns to more of a brown in certain lights. It's a lovely rustic colour, perfect for autumn :)

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Thanks again to Rachel! x

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