Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saturday Nail Mail!

Firstly, I again must apologise for the poor lighting and photos in this post!

There's nothing I love more than weekends, I mean c'mon who doesn't right? No more school or work (unless you're one of those poor people that have to work weekends! Outrageous) and you just have some time to have to yourself/with your children and just relax.
What makes Saturdays even better? NAIL MAIL! Today's nail mail was super exciting for me, as I received my first EVER O.P.I polishes! I was browsing through ASOS the other day and saw that all the OPI polishes were on sale! At £8 it's £2.50 less than their RRP, which isn't much but it's something at least.
The colours I chose were Yoga-ta Get this Blue & Honk If You Love OPI.

Yoga-ta Get This Blue [it called and I listened]

Yoga-ta Get This Blue comes from the 2008 India Collection. It's a dark Navy Blue, but not one of those Navy's that can look almost black, infused with an aqua shimmer. I do like this colour, as I am a sucker for Navy Blue, however it doesn't look at all like the swatch on ASOS, I know, I know, I should have googled it before I bought it, but I didn't. It's very similar to BarryM's Navy (I will swatch them both together soon).

Honk If You Love OPI

Honk if you love OPI comes from the 2011 Touring America collection. This was probably one of the most hardest polishes to photograph. Which ever lighting it was in the true colour didn't seem to want to come out.
Honk if you love OPI is a sort of eggplant purple shade. However in certain lights it can veer towards looking more of a blackened plum. As much as it pains me to say, this colour is in no way unique. As soon as it was on my nails I realised it was an exact dupe for E.L.F's plum (look out for my dupes post coming soon), this is REALLY disappointing. As I have spent £8 on a nail polish which is exactly the same as one I can get for £1.50. Deep purples are one of my all time favourite nail colours, so it will be getting it's monies worth of wear out of it, that's for sure.

So there you have it! My OPI virginity is officially popped. I'm definitely going to invest in some more unique colours over the next coming months, so watch this space!

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