Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tuesday Nail Mail

I love packages and the mystery of what they're going to be, but who doesn't right? So, today I was rudely awaken by the mailman hammering on my front door, so half awake I went to answer. When he handed me the 2 packages I instantly woke up and got a little giddy inside. I saw one was from E.L.F but there was also a mystery package.
Racing back up to my room I ripped open the mystery package and to my surprise it was the Nail Art pens I ordered almost a month ago. I've been waiting SOOO long for these to arrive and here they are! I got them from eBay for £6.50 for 24 which I thought wasn't to bad a deal.
The second package was an early birthday gift from my Auntie. She asked me what I wanted, so I told her a couple of polishes I've been lusting over on their website and she bought those for me! Thanks Auntie J <3
The colours I picked were; Blush, White, Matte Finisher Top Coat, Medium Red, Metal Madness (which is actually almost the same colour as my franken, damn), Glitter Glam and Black (yes another one)
I'm going to be doing swatches/reviews for all of these as soon as I can, must get the 31 day challenge out of the way first!

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