Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Andrea Fulerton - Donna (Peel Off)

Today I have for you Donna by Andrea Fulerton. Now this isn't your average nail polish, in fact it's a one coat, peel off polish. Yep, no remover necessary. It's marketed mainly for pregnant women who want to feel pampered and primed but cannot stand the smell of acetone/polish. Although, I'm not pregnant, I think it's an amazing idea, it doesn't smell at all like nail polish and it really does just peel off. Perfect for a quick fix for your nails if you're rushing to get out of the door/going on a night out with friends.
Donna itself is a gorgeous hot barbie pink creme, no shimmer or glitter and it applies like a dream!
These retail for around £4 in stores and come in a limited amount of colours at the moment, but I'm sure that's subject to change. I think it's a brilliant idea and if I'm ever expecting and the smell of remover makes me ill, I know I will be saved by Andrea Fulerton!


  1. What a great idea! Very interesting post! Kiss

  2. Great idea!! And I love this shade of pink.