Wednesday, 14 December 2011

GOSH - Ocean & BarryM - Croc Effects

First of all, excuse the lighting, I took these less than an hour ago whilst my boyfriend banned me from using the net whilst he played his game...So I thought it would be a good time to get some swatching done.
I have another GOSH polish for you today in the form of Ocean. When I saw this in the shop I couldn't help myself but buy it, it's absolutely stunning.
Ocean is a mermaid green/blue/turquoise metallic shimmer polish, it can look 100% metallic indoors, but outdoors you can really see the shimmer sparkling away.
I thought this would be a great base colour to try with my new BarryM Croc Effects polish, and boy was I right.

Beautiful, isn't it. I was feeling a bit impatient when I did the Croc Effects, you're supposed to wait 3 minutes before the design starts to appear, but I couldn't wait that long. So a quick blast with the hairdryer soon sorted that little problem out, which is probably why it's so broken around the edges of my nails but I think it looks good anyway. I used 2 coats of Ocean and when the polish was touch-dry, I added a thin layer of Croc Effects over the top.

Has anyone else tried the new BarryM Croc Effects polish yet? What are your thoughts on it? Like or Loathe, let me know!

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