Monday, 12 December 2011

The Nail Polish Tag!

I was kindly tagged to do this by the lovely Thalie @ Glazed Talons to do this tag, and who am I not to?!

Here are the rules
1.  Answer 10 questions
2.  Pass this tag to 5 bloggers
3.  Make sure that the bloggers you tagged know about this.

Here are the questions:
1. How many polishes do you have?

Roughly around the 170 mark and vastly growing!

2. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?

My favourite brand of polish has to be China Glaze, they have so many colours to choose from and they're all gorgeous too.

3. Do you like crackle nail polish, or do you hate it?
I'm a bit on the fence when it comes to crackle polish. I only own one and I rarely use it, so I can't comment really.

4. What is your first nail polish brand?

The first brand I actually 'collected' was BarryM, but before that was probably some cheap, market polish.
5. If you're going to have a nail polish line, what are you gonna name it?

Probably Polished Criminails, what else?

6. What nail polish color does not compliment you?

Yellow - But who does it REALLY suit though?

7. What color does compliment you?

Probably Dark Greens & Blues are the most suited to my skintone.

8. Name two of your best nail art friends.
Urm, this is a hard one as I haven't really made 'friends' as such in the blogging community, and none of my friends are interested in this stuff...#loner! 

9. What was the best nail polish gift you have ever received? 
I don't think I've ever received nail polish as a gift :( maybe the odd giftset from a drugstore but none that's been a 'best present'

10. Make a speech about thanking the blogger who tagged you.

Thankyou so much to Thalie for tagging me! I'd actually seen the tag a little before and contemplated tagging myself, but to actually be tagged is a total surprise! Go check out her blog and send her some love too!

The five bloggers I am tagging are:


  1. I guess I shouldn't be amazed at how many people love China Glaze.

  2. Nope you shouldn't! They have such amazing colours and innovative names, who wouldn't love them