Saturday, 28 January 2012

ELF - Royal Purple

 Call me butter, cause I'm on a roll! Jokes aside, I have actually been busting these posts out today, but I promise you, this is the last one for today *pinky promises*.
I have a little swatch for you today in the form of ELF - Royal Purple. I'm sure all of you know who ELF are by now! If not, they're an online based company (in the UK anyway, I know you can find ELF in stores in the states) which sell everything cosmetics. Their prices are a-mazing, with their essential line priced at £1.50 and £3.50 for their studio and mineral lines. The quality is worth a lot more than it's price tag which is another reason why ELF are so popular, if you're in the UK/EU check them out HERE.
The polish itself is a gorgeous purple with magenta undertones and blue micro shimmer, it does look a lot more pinker in the photo, but I promise you it's purple. I'm definitely going to invest in a SLR camera in the future, maybe put it on my birthday wish list, but that isn't until November, so I better get saving myself! Then I will be able to get better macro shots for you, as my camera at the moment isn't very good for those kind of things! Do you have any recommendations for good cameras? It doesn't even have to be an SLR camera, just one good enough to get macro and close-up shots!


  1. Pretty, I have never tried the Elf polishes, how do you like them?

  2. I like them, they're good value for money and the pigmentation is pretty good too. They do chip easily if they're on their own but a good top coat helps to prolong them!

  3. Hy hun <3
    I do love Elf, i discovered them a while ago and I'm on a mission to get the entire collection of their polishes. Not a single one of them have disappointed me until now.
    Anyway I want to get that one in my next order and I'm kinda surprised with the color.. never thought it would look like that..
    weird.. but cool!
    Still love it!


    PS: Sony Cyber Shot.. not that expensive and really good. (Pm me for infos if you wants)