Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday Nail Mail!

It seems like it's been forever since I last posted any Nail Mail! I haven't really bought any polishes lately, as I have been doing swaps, which I cannot wait until I finally get! I do have a couple of packages on it's way with some exciting things in though, so watch out for those posts!
Today I have for you two packages which I was sent by the lovely Eve and Kerrie.
Eve was kind enough to send me OPI - Rainbow Connection and BarryM - Limited Edition Silver Foil, which is absolutely lovely of her to do! I was moaning that I couldn't find Rainbow Connection anywhere for a reasonable price, so she said she knew of a place selling them for cheap and offered to get it for me! How sweet! And the BarryM LE was sold out in my Boots. I do have another Rainbow Connection coming to me in a swap too, but as it is getting so hard to find, it doesn't hurt to have some back-ups!
Then I was sent the Color Club - Back To Boho collection A by Kerrie, I saw a post on PAA from her saying she had a spare set of the collection and I offered to buy it from her. They cost me £11 with P&P which is really good. The only downside is that the names are not on the bottom of the bottles, so I used my initiative and googled the collection for the names and then did this to them;

Now I know which colours I'm using without having to always search for the colours! :) Well that's all my nail mail today for you guys, be sure to check out my blogsale with some of the polishes I've decided needs new housing :)


  1. How fun are those Color Clubs!! I can't find Rainbow Connection anywhere either, so I feel your pain. Glad you got some great nail mail :)

  2. There's some on eBay, but I refused to pay £15+ for a bottle! So glad I didn't now though.

  3. That is a great set from Color Club. They don't have the names on them because they were discounted so they could be sold at Ross for 5.99 but it should be on the back of the box. They go on nicely.

  4. Yay so glad your package got there okay. I always worry. I hope you enjoy your nail mail! x

  5. Great nail mail!!!