Wednesday, 25 January 2012

(Guest Blogger) Naillacqueraddict takes over!

Dear Rachel's readers,

Today I decided to scratch off my list the 'hacking someone' part!
I'm hacking Rachel! ;D

Just kidding! Rachel asked me a while ago if I would not mind posting something on her blog and OF COURSE I could not refuse a request from such a nice person like her :)
I'm really happy I met Rachel! I've never met anyone who has so much in common with me :o We could be sisters!

So I know Rachel's favorite color is green but I decided to do something funky & fun for her blog :)

I hope you enjoy this mani I decided to make for her, if not I deeply am sorry for wasting your time!

Here we go:

I was going to post this on my blog but decided against it! Instead I posted it here because this mani is fun and with Rachel, everything is fun =D

I used two coats of Color Club - Hot Like Lava! The drying time was not bad and it is a very bright pink (it's a foil, duuuhh!).
I put Revlon - Blue Mosaic on top (the same polish is out again but under a different name!) and the drying time was really good :)

What do you think of the blue/silver glitter and pink base combo? I LOVE IT! :)

I guess it's time for me to go again! Hope you all enjoyed this post and if not, I apologize again!



  1. Hi Rachel!!
    Upsss Alex!! What are you doing here?! =D

    Great choice for Rachel! I think she will like it!

  2. Pretty mani!