Saturday, 28 January 2012

Polish Count; January

Wow, I completely forgot about my monthly polish count! If you're new to my blog, every month I will make a little Polish Count post, to see how my collection has grown in the last month and to see how obsessed with Nail Polish I actually am!
So my last count on December 17th was 175. I can tell you it hasn't really grown much, as I have gotten rid of a couple of my polishes too.

So, my count for January is *drum roll*


Actually, I haven't done as bad as I thought. That's only a total of 41 polishes in a month, okay so it is a lot for some, but considering Decembers total, I've done pretty well. There are a few polishes I've bought this month that haven't arrived yet, but those will be in next months total :)

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