Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Storage & Organisation Tips!

There's nothing more annoying than searching through your whole collection, just to find the one polish you're looking for; am I right, or am I right? So I needed a cheap, fast solution, that actually works, to store my stash as well as keep it remotely organised. As much as I would like to invest in a Helmer, I can't afford to at this moment in time, not to mention my collection isn't big enough for me to justify buying a Helmer. Therefore, in the mean time, this is the storage/organisation solution I have come up with.

What do you store your Nail Polishes in?

To store my Nail Polishes, I use collapsible storage boxes which I get from a Home ware store (B&M for those who are wondering) for £1.99 each. You get them in all different designs, from basic styles to animal print to cute, girly styles and they can hold up to 100 nail polishes each, depending on the size of the polish bottle. The thing I love most about these boxes, is that when my collection had grown enough for me to buy a Helmer, I can use them as shoe boxes/photo boxes.

How do you organise your polishes?

The organisation of my polishes are always changing, depending on my mood. However, they're currently sorted by brand in alphabetical order, OCD is a possibility. If they're not organised alphabetically, they're usually organised by brand and colour going from darkest to lightest, like I said, it changes a lot!

Why do you have stickers/colour on the top of your polishes?

The reason as to why I have either labels or blobs of colour on the top of some of my polishes is so I can locate the exact colour I'm looking for instantly. For example, before adding the labels to the top of my Models Own polishes (see picture above) all of the bottle tops were exactly the same, which meant if I wanted a colour I'd have to pull each individual bottle out until I found the right one. I have also done this to other circular bottles of polish I own, such as my GOSH, Cult Nails & Nails Inc polishes. You can find circular stickers anywhere, I got mine from WHSmith for roughly £2 for 250. These also come in handy if you have a polish that doesn't have a name label on the bottle, such as the Color Club sets from Ross, all you need to do is find the name of the colour (which is usually on the back of the box) write it on the label and stick it on the bottom!

I thought I would do a quick post about how I store my nail polishes as a lot of you have been asking in the giveaway comments section. I will be doing a brand by brand collection post as soon as there's enough decent sunlight for me to get the best pictures! If there are particular brands/polish you want to see, have a look at my stash list at the top of the page and leave me a comment below and I will get that up for you! :)


  1. Lucisek-Lucy's Stash25 January 2012 at 21:24

    Thank ou for the tip where to buy the labels, I've been meaning to buy them for ages! Oh and a great storage I use is Helmer from Ikea with cutter noon-slip mat on the botom so the polishes don't slide. One Helmer can carry up to aaprox 600 polishes!!

  2. No worries, glad I can help you out. Yeah, like I said, I've been wanting a Helmer for a while, but I feel as though my collection isn't big enough for me to get one right now. It's definitely on my to buy list though!

  3. Hellows Rachel <3
    'Morning! Nice boxes you have there! I'm always moving them around, now they are in transparent boxes for 3 days now! LOL :D And in shelves!

  4. Hellows Rachel <3
    'Morning! Nice boxes you have there! I'm always moving them around, now they are in transparent boxes for 3 days now! LOL :D And in shelves!

  5. Good idea to label the tops.