Friday, 20 January 2012

Updated Stash Swatches!

Okay, so a while ago I posted a few pictures of my stash swatched on some nail wheels, now I only had 10 wheels at the time, so I couldn't swatch all of my collection. However, now I have a LOT of wheels to swatch my collection on, granted I don't actually need loads, but preparing for future expansions is always a good thing, right?! So here we have my complete collection as of today, I even re-took the photos of the previous wheels as they were done at night with a flash. This time, I literally chased the last bit of decent daylight to get them done for you in natural light with no flash, and I did it! If you are interested in seeing some of the swatches in flash lighting (it does bring out the holos/glitters a lot more) just click HERE. Same goes as last time, if you see a colour you like, leave a comment below with the wheel name, and number and I will get back to you asap with the name and brand :)

So this is the collection as of now. As you can imagine, they grow with every new bit of polish I receive but it would be a bit unrealistic to post a new photo of the wheel every time something is added to it. So I will probably update once a month/every two months depending on the quantity of nail mail I receive in that time.

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