Friday, 24 February 2012

Swatch: BarryM - Silver Foil (Instant Nail Effects)

I realised something today, I've never actually swatched a BarryM polish on my blog (besides the Croc Effects post) which is completely shocking to me as BarryM is the reason why I fell (so hard) in love with Nail Polish! At the beginning of 2011, my now vastly growing nail polish collection only consisted of 14 BarryM polishes, yes 14! I was completely captivated by their wide range of bright, eye catching colours and their inexpensive price tag. For those of you that have been living on another planet, BarryM are a UK based cosmetics brand whose products are all cruelty free (which is amazing in my opinion) and offer high-end quality products for a fraction of the price.
BarryM Nail Paints are priced at £2.99 for their regular Nail Paints or £3.99 for their Instant Nail Effects which include their Foil and Crackle lines. You can purchase BarryM products from their website as well as any UK Boots or Superdrug stores and online, the best thing is THEY SHIP INTERNATIONALLY TOO. So all you non-UK polish lovers don't have to miss out!
Anyway, back to the polish at hand! Today I have for you one of BarryMs' Instant Nail Effects Nail Paint in Silver Foil, a Metallic Silver polish with subtle Silver shimmer. I absolutely love their Foil polishes, they apply like a dream and are opaque in one coat as well as having super quick drying time, which does seem to be a common trait in most Foil polishes. The only downside I can see to Silver Foil are the visible brush strokes, I actually like how they look and the 'messy depth' it brings, but I know this isn't every ones cup of tea. 
Tip: To minimise the visibility of the brush strokes, paint the side of the nails first and finish with a stroke down the centre of the nail.
What are your thoughts on BarryM Nail Paints? Or even their cosmetic range in general! What are your 'must have' BarryM polishes? Let me know!

Disclaimer: This polish was purchased by me. I am not affiliated with this company in any way. I just LOVE the brand!


  1. I've been hoping to see swatches & opinions of this! I have the neon pink & yellow & I love those:)

  2. I'm glad I can help you out! I do have the other two Foils from their collection too, so I will get those up for you soon :)

  3. Hi Rach! <3
    I loved this one! Such a must have! What about a layering combo now? :D