Saturday, 25 February 2012

Swatch: BarryM - Silver Glitter (Limited Edition)

Hi guys! Yesterday I showed you BarryM Silver Foil and today I have a little layering post for you *ooooh* aren't you lucky! This polish has been sitting in my collection for a little while now, just waiting to be used and shown off to the world. It's a special Limited Edition polish that was only available in Boots stores in the UK, you could either pay £3.99 for just the polish or you could get it free when you spent £6 on any BarryM cosmetics. I was actually sent this by a lovely lady in my polish group called Eve as my Boots stores were completely out! Unfortunately she doesn't have a blog currently, so I can't send you guys over to her to show some love!
Oooh pretty!
Silver Glitter is just your basic Silver rectangular glitter in a Clear Base, you can wear this on it's own with a couple of coats, but as I already had Silver Foil on, I thought I would layer it over the top. I love the cuteness of the bottle too! It has a holographic lid!! *yay for holographicness*
I'm unsure if the offer is still available in Boots, I'm guessing not as it was over the Christmas period, but if you managed to snatch it up what do you think? It is just an average glitter, but it's BarryM and Limited Edition - so I had to get it, right?!


  1. I got this too, 'just because' it was LE i don't think i've ever worn it but it is not a terrible polish and over the silver foil it looks lovely!

  2. *giggles* I love it!

    Looks amazing! I got that polish from Jo a few weeks ago.. haven't tried it yet!
    Must do it! =D

    Hugz & Kissez Rach <3