Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday Nail Mail!

 Okay, so I have been seriously slacking on the Nail Mail posts lately. But truth be told, I haven't really gotten much in the post, I'm still waiting on my eBay order of Color Clubs, so I'll be posting those when they finally arrive.
I'll start with the two polishes I got from Buyapowa when they were having an OPI co-buy. The polishes I got from them were both from the new Nicki Minaj collection and they were Metallic 4 Life and Save Me. I actually got both of these for £12 including postage and packaging, which is awesome. If you haven't heard of Buyapowa, I suggest you go check them out! They have some amazing deals on cosmetics and polishes. The next polish I received today in the mail and it is OPI - We'll Always Have Paris from their Suede collection, I got this from eBay for around £10 with postage and packaging from the US. I've been lusting after the Suede collection for a while now and I plan to get the rest of them in due course.
The next thing I received in the mail today are these Nail Tapes. I thought I'd invest in some of these for when I do Nail Art and want clean lines, I did try them out earlier and my god, they're so fiddly! Definitely need to get used to them. I also got these from eBay for just under £2 for 10, which I think is a pretty good deal. Keep an eye out for some posts using these!


  1. I've never tried OPI, which I think is basically a crime for a nail art obsessive! I take it they live it to the hype? The sparkly polishes are gorgeous. x

  2. I had 2-5 at the beginning of this year, so I was really late on the bandwagon! I do love OPI and the variety of colours, but their UK RRP is ridiculous. They are really good polishes though and definitely worth the 'investment' just search around for them before you buy cause there's so many cheaper websites!