Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nail Mail: Wednesday

I've got a little bit of Nail Mail for you today, which I have accumulated over the past couple of days. I'm still in my 'OPI' phase as you can see, but I think I'm slowly weening myself away from them and moving on to new and exciting things from other brands. But they're so pretty and I love their names/colours.
I got these from various places/people so to see what came from where, keep reading!

The first things I got in the mail yesterday were these OPI's I bought from eBay. They are Brand New Skates, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Grape...Set...Match. I absolutely love eBay for getting OPI polishes, obviously you have to watch out for the fakes, but it's definitely worth it when you find the real ones. Brand New Skates and Grape Set Match were both around £4 and Thoroughly Modern Millie was roughly £6 (which for a HTF is amazing) Postage was roughly £6 for them all too! Amazing.

 Now on to the packages I received this morning!First thing I got were these BarryM products that Jodie from Glitter Glam Sparkle Shine kindly offered to pick these up for me during the BarryM 20% off sale, as it ended a couple of days before I got paid. How lovely is she?! I got Green Glitter & Dusky Mauve for my swap with Nicel from Operation: Nail It and then got Racing Green for myself. I also picked up one of their Lipsticks in Vintage Rose and my all time favourite Eyeliner.

The next thing to arrive in the post today was ANOTHER OPI polish in the form of Lincoln Park After Dark (Suede) which a lovely girl named Casey offered to pick up for me as I was moaning that I couldn't find any of the Suede polishes where I lived but she'd found a website in the States that still sold them. I only got this one for now, but I do plan to get the rest of them once my spending ban is over!

I love the fact that even after my self imposed spending ban, I'm still getting polishes in the mail! Gotta love shipping time from the US.
Also, my GIVEAWAY is ending in a couple of days, so if you haven't entered yet, now is the time to do so!

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