Thursday, 16 February 2012

OPI - We'll Always Have Paris (Suede)

Today I have for you my first OPI suede polish in the form of We'll Always Have Paris.
We'll Always Have Paris is a gorgeous soft purple rose packed full of silvery shimmer, I don't have the original WAHP from their La Collection De France released in Fall 2008, but from the swatches I have seen of the polish - the suede version is completely different. I used two coats for the swatch, but one would have been enough. It also dries extremely quick, which I think is a common trait amongst Suedes/Mattes.
After having this polish on my nails, I have the need to get the rest of the Suede collection! I currently have Lincoln Park After Dark and Ink Suede coming to me, but I will have to look around for the rest of them!

I wanted to see what WAHP looked like with a top coat on top so I used China Glaze Patent Leather Top Coat and this is what I got! Oooh shiny! I actually think I prefer it without a top coat, although it looks gorgeous with one, without gives it a more unique look instead of just being a run of the mill polish.
What are your thoughts on Suede polishes? Do you prefer them to Matte?


  1. I like the suede polishes :) but I also love the mattes haha We'll Always have Paris is so pretty!