Thursday, 22 March 2012

Swatch: BarryM - Cyan Blue

Hi ladies! Can you believe this is Day 7 of BarryM week? I mean I actually committed to posting something every day for the past week?! Granted all of them were scheduled posts, but if I hadn't have done that I don't think I would have ever gotten them up on time!
I'm quite sad to see this end, but I do have a couple other swatches from brands that have yet to make an appearance on my page coming pretty soon!
I thought what better way to end this week with my very first BarryM I ever bought at the age of 14, and yes, this is still that same bottle, 6 years later - no thinner has been added at all. Amazing right?!?

Cyan Blue is a gorgeous medium toned blue, high gloss creme polish, some could even call it a jelly, but I don't think it's watery enough to be counted as one. It's quite a bit darker than Blueberry Ice Cream, but light enough to be considered a 'Pastel shade'. The pigmentation of this particular polish is amazing, this is two coats, but you can easily get away with one thick coat. The wear is also out of this world! I wore it for a whole week whilst on holiday in Spain a couple of years ago, and it didn't chip at all! Granted there was a tiny bit of tip wear, but nothing major. If you have yet to try out a BarryM Nail Paint, then I suggest you start now, amazing quality for amazing prices.
Remember if you're in the UK you can purchase BarryM Nail Paints directly from their website or from Boots/Superdrug stores nationwide for £2.99 or £3.99 for their Instant Effects range. For international readers you too can order directly from their website or you can head over to Harlow & Co (who have just restocked, FYI) and pick one up for $7 or $8 for their Instant Effects range!


  1. Really nice and live colour!!! I love it *-* And BarryM :) This summer I'm going to go to UK and I will purchase one of the BarryM polish!!

  2. Blue nail polish is my favorite! This color is so bright and gorgeous! Love it!

  3. Oh my goodness it lasts ages! I love this shade and you can't beat Barry M for quality or price! X

  4. This is the last one! =( So sad! You ended amazingly! Cant wait for the next themed week! :D

  5. this is one of the prettiest blues ive ever seen!
    i want it so bad!!!