Friday, 16 March 2012

Swatch: BarryM - Indigo

Natural Light

Hi ladies! I was browsing through my computer folders and found a fair few swatches that I have yet to post on my blog. A lot of them are so old I didn't feel they qualified to be published here, so I'm going to have to redo those.

With Flash
In the mean time, I'd like for you all to take a look at this beauty. This is BarryM - Indigo. I actually sold this polish in a blog sale recently, so it's not even with me anymore! I do, however, think I will repurchase this because it makes great underwear for Max Factor's Fantasy Fire!
Indigo is a gorgeous blue purple creme polish! It's one of those nightmare to capture polishes too. My camera picked it up a lot more blue than it actually is irl. I know this is a common problem with this particular shade, so whoever managed to capture it truly, kudos to you!
Many of you know, I am a die hard BarryM fan and have been for at least 7 years now! Their polishes are excellent value for money and actually last on the nails. I once wore a BarryM Nail Paint for a whole week when on holiday and it didn't even chip! Amazing. 

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  1. My mum totally swears that the pics from that indigo blue are blue and in the bottle it is purple ! I had a major argument with her about it, the other day!

    I'll have to put myself into that photo!! :D

    Loved it tho! *hhihihih`*