Monday, 19 March 2012

Swatch: BarryM - Lavender Hexograms

Oh hello BarryM, I haven't seen you around here for a while! LOL jk. I know I have been posting a LOT of BarryM polishes this week, this isn't actually on purpose, I just have so many unpublished BarryM polishes in my vault. Lets just call this week BarryM week shall we? Then everything sort of makes a little more sense.
Yesterday I showed you Berry Ice Cream and told you that I have a gorgeous glitter that looks amazing over the top of it, well here it is! Did any of you guess correctly?
Lavender Hexograms is a clear base packed with tiny specs of silver glitter and larger purple square glitters, anyone else wondering why they called it Lavender 'Hexograms'? Maybe it's because 'Lavender Squares' doesn't sound too appealing? Who knows.
This polish was a little bit of a pain to apply, the square glitter seemed to just clump together on the nail, maybe I should have shaken it around a bit more before applying, but I just wanted to give it a try! I also want to apologise for the photo quality, this was actually the only photo that wasn't blurry *shakes fist at camera* but I'm too poor to buy myself a brand spanking new one. I'd rather buy more polish...clearly my priorities are in order.
Well, this concludes Day 4 of BarryM week! Stay tuned for some more polishes from Mr Barry M!


  1. Ohhhh so cute!! I never thought that glitter polish would be so cool! :D

  2. wow this is pretty

  3. I love it *-* Really nice. I love violet <3 Follo you now, you can follow me if u want <3