Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nail Mail: My Swap Polishes from Sarah!

Hi guyss! I have some exciting nail mail for you today from another swap I did with Sarah from SeeSarahSwatch! If you haven't checked out her blog, I suggest you do so, she even makes cute frankens which she sells in her Etsy shop! So go and check those out too! Lets get on to the good stuff shall we?

A lovely little note and some tasty chocolate treats!

FINGER PAINTS!!! I've gone from having 0 Finger Paints polishes on Monday to now having 9! Yes, those are flakies too! Woooo. I now have two of Asylum, Twisted and Flashy all I need now are Motley and Flecked, which hopefully I will be getting in the next couple weeks from a lovely lady in PaA. The other colours are Tough Art to Follow (green), Art of Theft (Purple) & Vermillion $ Painting (Orange). So excited to finally have some Finger Paints of my own!

OPI motherlicking DS!!! OH MY GOD. This is DS Magic and my first DS polish, I almost squealed a little bit when I unwrapped this! It's so pretty! I also have OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry, which has been a lemming of mine for a while. Sarah also sent me a franken she's made called If A Tree Falls...It sort of reminds me of Orly's Androgynie! I can't wait to get a swatch up on my blog for you guys to see, hopefully I can do it justice!

Thank you so much to Sarah for sending me these amazing polishes! I hope your package arrives to you soon ^.^ Like I said, if you haven't checked out Sarah's blog yet, go and do that right now! She's awesome.


  1. Bárbara F.8 March 2012 at 14:44


    They are sooo pretty! Omg! *_* *Drools*

  2. I'm SO happy to see you got the Fingerpaints flakies!

  3. It was a total surprise! I'm still sad that yours never made it to me :( I'd have back ups then!

  4. Yayyy for nail mail ;0).

  5. I want flakies soooooooo badly!!! Love your blog :-)