Friday, 2 March 2012

Swatch: OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark (Suede) & a mini haul!

Today I have for you OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark from their Suede collection. This is actually the second Suede I own, courtesy of a lovely lady called Casey in PaA who picked this up for me from a US only website! I currently have another suede coming in a swap from the lovely Nicel @ Operation: Nail It!, so I just need to get my hands on the final three.

Lincoln Park After Dark Suede is a gorgeous Eggplant base packed with Silver shimmer, there's even hints of Blue & Pink shimmer in sunlight too! It's definitely a lot different to it's original almost black counterpart, released in 2005 as part of OPI's Chicago Collection. I absolutely looove this colour! If you saw my We'll Always Have Paris Suede post, then you know what's coming now...Top Coat time! How beautiful does it look with a Top Coat?!? I almost wet my knickers when I started applying it, it's sooo stunning! If you're able to get your hands on LPADS then I definitely suggest doing so, you will not be disappointed.

Now time for my little haul that I got today of which none is for me! I'm currently sticking(ish) to my no buy! *yay* Swap polishes do not count in these. First of all, here is what came in the mail today;

Here are the W7 Metallic Planets, which I don't actually know why they're called Metallic, they're absolutely gorgeous Duo chrome polishes! Very similar to those from Models Own Beetlejuice collection! I actually picked these up for a swap I'm doing with Nicole from Let Me See Ur Peacock but now I have seen them in person, I'm definitely getting myself a set once my no buy is over!

These babies I picked up from my local town for another swap I'm doing, actually 2 swaps. The first 3 BarryM's are for my friend Marnie from Ambianceshop and the rest are for the Marisa from Polish Obsession for our swap! I was really disappointed with my trip into town, I went on the search for the illusive Fantasy Fire only to find that my Superdrug doesn't stock any of the MaxFactor mini's and that my Boots had every other colour in the range besides FF! How annoying is that!? I thought that living in a tiny town would have it's benefits when it comes to lusted after polishes!

So that has been my day in a nutshell, taking swatches and going shopping. I actually enjoyed going polish shopping, even if I wasn't getting anything for myself, the thrill was still there. How sad, right?!? 


  1. Really pretty mani love the haul and those W7 polishes are gorgeous!

  2. I love Opi Suedes. I don't have this one and it's gone straight on my wishlist after seeing your beautiful mani x

  3. It's sooo pretty! I need to get the rest of them!

  4. Bárbara F.3 March 2012 at 17:39

    I loved the top coated version! Is gorgeous! *_*
    Im so drooling right now!