Thursday, 5 April 2012

Swatch: Dandy Nails - You Set My Soul Alight

Hi ladies! 3rd post today, call me butter...cause I'm on a roll. I was going to leave this until tomorrow to show you, but it's so pretty I had to show you it right away. Dandy Nails is a new custom polish range created by Sandy of Dandy Nails and can be bought directly from her Etsy store! I currently have 3 of her polishes, but after swatching all of them, I can safely say I will be purchasing more in the future.
You Set My Soul Alight is a black jelly based packed with pink, purple, teal & silver holographic micro glitter. The photos below are 2/3 coats of You Set My Soul Alight alone, you can choose to layer it over a black polish if you're a little stuck for time, but I wanted to see how it stood on it's own two feet.

Natural Lighting (please excuse my AWFUL cuticles/skin in these photos!)
Direct Sunlight
Blurred so you can see the pretty holo!
How pretty! Besides it being a gorgeous polish, I originally wanted this for the name. I'm a HUGE Muse fan, Supermassive Blackhole being one of my favourite songs (of which the polish name originates).
You can purchase Dandy Nails polish directly from her Etsy store for $7.50 - $8, which is roughly £4.80 - £5.20. What do you think to You Set My Soul Alight? Will you be ordering from Sandy any time soon?