Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nail Mail: EPIC Day (Pic Heavy)

Hi ladies! So I have an epically awesome Nail Mail post for you today. Originally this post was going to be an average Nail Mail day, but as I was taking the photos ANOTHER package was delivered! I won't bore you with a stupidly long intro, so let's get started!

My first package is from a lovely lady called Emily in my Facebook group, she posted that she was selling a couple things and one of them really caught my eye. But instead of purchasing them, we did a little swap as she was wanting a couple of the Max Factor minis! We wanted it to be a fair swap, so to make up the price of the mini's she threw in 3 extra polishes! Wanna see what I got? Click the jump to start!!

Essie Morticia's Nails set!

Thanks to Emily I have now completed my China Glaze - Prismatics collection! I'm just disappointed that these three are black caps, as my other three are silver caps! OCPMHTSLD (Obsessive Compulsive Polishes Must Have The Same Lid Disorder) - totally a real thing!

The next polishes were a present from my boyfriend! A website (which I cannot remember the name of right now) were having a sale, and I saw these and instantly wanted them. As I'm completely broke, he offered to get them for me! How sweet :')

Essie Mini's from the Resort Collection!

Next up is my order from Apothica which I ordered about a month or two ago. I actually had this order delivered to Nicole as we were doing a swap and I didn't want to pay $40 for 4 polishes to be shipped to the UK! These polishes were actually free, as Apothica kindly sent me a $50 gift card to spend on their site. Of course I went straight to their polishes - which is another reason why I shipped it to Nicole, a couple of them were restricted to shipping within the US.

Pretty Deborah Lippmann polishes!

I've definitely saved the best for last here! My swap package from Nicole from Let Me See Ur Peacock! I have been waiting so 'patiently' for this, Nicole received hers 3 days after I sent it! Talk about speedy shipping. This was actually the package that arrived (along with the Apothica order, obviously) whilst I was taking photos of my Nail Mail! As soon as I heard a knock on the door, I ran downstairs knowing what it was, I got so excited I actually snatched it from the delivery guy! Sorry! I know you're dying to see what she sent me, so here it is!

Essie - Sexy Divide, Trophy Wife, Dive Bar & A Cut Above!
OPI - Vampsterdam, Gouda, Gouda Two Shoes & Wooden Shoe Like To Know?
Nicole By OPI - Kendall on The Catwalk, Make A Comet-ment (AMAZING HOLO), Finger Paints - Cordur Orange and Revlon - Whimsical!!!
Sinful Colors - Cinderella, Kissy & Green Ocean!!
Spoiled - Club Rat, The Parking Meter Expired & Shuffle The Deck!!
A cute card, 2 lip glosses and a cow pen!! The pen is a joke present between us as I offered to send her some Cadbury's Dairy Milk (I left the Cadbury's bit out when I told her) and she thought I was going to send her an actual bottle of milk!! HAHA we laughed so hard.
A poop tonne of sweeties! My boyfriend had already claimed some of them before I took this photo, greedy guts.

Well...that concludes my epic nail mail post! I'd like to thank Nicole for being so awesome in our swap, I feel as though I've made a friend and I cannot wait for our next one! If you haven't checked out her blog then click here to be taken there, she will have her swap post up later today if you would like to see what I sent to her! Also if you haven't already noticed, I'm having a 700 follower giveaway! To be taken to it, click here!


    *Histerial scream*

    I wanttt I want I want!
    Omg! Drools!!!

  2. DANG! I totally want that Morticia set, too awesome!

  3. OMG what a fantastic haul! Amazing nail mail. I'm envious!! :)

  4. I think you'll love Dive Bar... when I think of a polish that I just want to WEAR for no reason other than I love the color... It is honestly either the first or one of the first to always come to mind. Go Overboard is also pretty great but in a muted way if you're into teals FYI (if you don't already have it lol)

  5. @Mani - I haven't tried Go Overboard, I only have a little Essie collection, but I'll definitely take a look at it ^.^

  6. This is not fairr!! Wow, your nail mail is ace!Cat wait for swatches, I'll be checing back daily.. as i do already!

  7. @Lozza I'll try get swatches up asap! The weather here is awful and there's been no sunshine so it's hard >.<

  8. If you want I can swatch Go Overboard. Just let me know... I have a few Essie's not too too many though. Also, if you have any specifics that you'd like to see before buying I can see what I can do to send some images etc your way... I'm green over the Sexy Divide though... I've been eyeing that one for a couple months at least! lol ~e.

  9. LOL @ having OCPMHTSLD!! Hilarious! Awesome nail mail.