Monday, 30 April 2012

Nail Mail: April & Polish Count

Hi ladies, it's been a while! Before I start with the Nail Mail post I'd like to apologise for my lack of posting this last week. The weather in the UK has been horrendous, it's pretty much rained constantly for the past week so I haven't been able to get any swatching done! Fortunately, the weather is beautiful today so I have been 'catching up' on my swatching which I will be posting over the next week. Anyway, enough excuses - let's get into my Nail Mail for April!

BarryM; Black Multi Glitter, Silvery Lilac, Denim & Teal
Models Own; Ibiza Mix, Collection 2000; Hoola Hoop, Button Moon, Wham & BMX Bandit, GOSH; Splish Splash
China Glaze; City Siren & Traffic Jam
I picked up these polishes at the beginning of the month during my trip into town. I knew that BarryM had released new colours, so I wanted to see if my Boots/Superdrug had them in. Unfortunately they didn't have Copper at the time so I was only able to pick up the four you see, from Superdrug. Whilst in Superdrug I spotted GOSHs new Spring/Summer releases but to be honest, the other colours didn't really tickle my fancy so I only picked up Splish Splash. I then headed over to Boots in search of the always sold out Ibiza Mix from Models Own, to my surprise there was one left on the display! Needless to say I grabbed it. I also picked up a couple of Collection 2000 polishes, just because they were 2 for £3. Then just as I was leaving town I decided to quickly head over to Sallys to see if they had any of the new China Glaze/OPI collections, which they didn't, but it was buy one get one free on China Glaze Metro Collection! I only picked up two colours since I'd already spent most of my money in town >.<

China Glaze; Smoke & Ashes, Sinful Colors; Let Me Go
I got these from a mini swap I did with Traci @ The Trace Face Philes. I'd seen swatches of China Glaze - Smoke & Ashes around the interwebs and thought it looked interesting, so I asked her to pick it up for me. She was kind enough to throw in Sinful Colors - Let Me Go as a bonus!

GOSH; Rainbow, Silky Mint, Holographic, Rainbow & Sweet Rose
I've been on a little bit of a GOSH hype lately, ever since the discounted bin arrived in my Superdrug. Unfortunately, the two polishes I was hoping I would find in there were nowhere to be found. So I took to eBay to fish out Rainbow & Holographic and to my surprise I managed to find them both for a reasonable price! I picked up an extra Rainbow for my 1000 follower giveaway (only 12 people away!)

Dollish Polish; Dark Passenger & TEAM Salvatore
Now, if you know me in real life, you'll know that I am a HUGE Dexter & The Vampire Diaries fan! I've read all the books for both TV shows and have watched every season religiously. As soon as I saw that there were Nail Polishes named after characters in my two favourite shows, I had to have them! As you're probably aware, Dollish Polish is a pretty popular Indie brand that sells out literally seconds after she opens the shop and being in the UK I always missed out on the opening due to time zones. BUT I was determined to get my hands on them this time, so I specifically stayed awake until she opened. I snagged Dark Passenger straight away, but TEAM Salvatore kept jumping out of my cart, so after constantly refreshing and clicking I was able to get it.

Models Own; Peaches & Cream, Edamame & Naked Shimmer
Diego Dalla Palma
These polishes were kindly sent to me for review by the companies PR. Being a Models Own junkie, I was surprised that I didn't actually have the polishes already! You can see the swatches I did of those here. I've never heard of Diego Dalla Palma but I'm pretty impressed with their formula! I'll have a swatch post uploaded soon.

OPI; Pirouette My Whistle
This was also kindly sent to me by OPI's UK PR company. This was the only polish which stood out to me from the NYC Ballet collection, mainly because I'm not a fan of sheer polishes.

Wet N Wild; Grays Anatomy & Spoiled; Paying With Platinum

Catrice; Iron Mermaiden
You may remember a while ago I posted a picture on my Facebook page of Deborah Lippmann - Wicked Game, OPI - Not Like The Movies & BarryM - Silvery Lilac, well I have been asking around for dupes and the lovely Amanda from Mandy's Polish kindly offered to pick up the Wet N Wild & Spoiled polishes for me. I was then contacted by a lovely follower Daria saying she had the Catrice polish for me so we organised a mini swap for it! I will be doing the post sometime in May, so keep an eye out for that!

I apologise at how much I've rambled on in this post, clearly the lack of posting has affected my blogging ability. The main point of the post is the photos so you'll have to forgive me. Seeing as it's officially the end of April today, I thought I would tag on my Polish Count for the month. So without further ado, the grand total of polishes I now own is;

Polish Count (April 30th); 357

That's a total of 42 new polishes! The best news is that I now have a HelmerIKEA so I didn't have to pay the expensive shipping fees to have it delivered! I'll try and do an updated storage post soon to show you guys!


  1. I have the Catrice polish and it is gorgeous!
    I love the look of the barry m's. Amazing haul!! You snagged some lovely polishes.

  2. So many pretty nail polishes :D
    I am jealous!

  3. Wow! Amazing haul! I'm crazy jealous!!!

  4. you're welcome! I'm glad you like it! :D

    great haul!


  5. Awesome haul! Love it. There are a few of those I just can't wait to see. Including the storage post. I'm a sucker for seeing giant polish collections. ;)

  6. Yohooo!! Check your fb message box! you'll have another one on the way wednesday!!

    Hugz and luvz

  7. Great haul, also I had no idea there were Sally's over here - thank you!