Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Swatch: OPI - OPI Ink (Suede)

Hi ladies, I'm back again with another one of my OPI Suede polishes. I was recently able to complete the Suede collection, however two of them are currently at Nicels house as she kindly let me ship them to her to save me a fortune on international shipping! Speaking of Nicel, this is actually one of the polishes she sent me in our recent swap! The original OPI Ink was released in Spring/Summer 2007 as part of the Night Brights collection and as like all the Suedes in the collection - OPI Ink (Suede) is completely different to OPI Ink. 
OPI Ink Suede is, what I would describe as a 'blurple', but more commonly known as Indigo. The photos do show it to be a lot more blue toned than it actually is, but as of this moment, that can't be helped. The photos are two coats of OPI Ink Suede, the formula was pretty good, a little streaky when first applied but evens out in the second layer. The drying time is also really fast, like the rest of them in the collection.

Bottle Shot
In Natural Lighting (not sure why it's Orange toned)
Direct Sunlight

And here it is with the mandatory top coat

Do you own any of the OPI Suedes? If so which ones? These have long been discontinued, but you can still find them on various websites such as eBay and Aveyou for a reasonable price. I was able to get both Russian Navy & You Don't Know Jacques Suede for $8.50 each from Aveyou, so it's worth looking around if you've been lusting after them.


  1. I don't have any, but I kind of want to get one!

  2. thanks for the heads up on Aveyou. I didn't know the website but I am about to purchase like 5 polishes. Haha. I'm addicted to matte and suede polishes, so I'm gonna have to get some! And great swatches

  3. @Bethany, you totally should, they're so pretty with or without a top coat. The only downside is how quickly they chip without a TC

    @Kaki no worries! I didn't realise they had them either til I was browsing one day! I'm yet to try the mattes, I wanted the suedes cause they're different ^.^

  4. omfg omfg omfg ao pretty!! Nham nham nham love it!!