Sunday, 8 April 2012

Nail Mail: Secret Bunny!

Hi ladies, so yesterday I posted a teaser pic on my Facebook page of a cute little package I received in the mail. I originally planned to write this post yesterday, but I ended up going to the cinema to see 21 Jump Street and when I came home we had a house full of people, so I didn't really want to sit and write the post. Anyway, I organised a little Secret Bunny swap in the Facebook group I'm in at the beginning of last month with a couple other bloggers/nail junkies and I finally received mine yesterday from the lovely Barbara from Betty Nails! I absolutely love this chick, if you haven't checked out her blog, then go do so! As it's Easter weekend, I wasn't expecting any mail this weekend, so imagine my surprise when I saw two packages on the kitchen table! One of the packages was a 30 bottle acrylic nail polish display, but I didn't include photos of that as we all know what they look like! Let's get into what Barbara sent me shall we!

The amazingly cute package I was greeted with when I opened the box!
Oooh what could be inside these? The note titled 'Richie' was a note to my boyfriend telling him to not eat all my candies!
Holy frickin' nail mail!
The polishes! I've been wanting to try Risque for a while now!
Some Nail Art goodies! I forgot to include the Nail Wheels here!

I'd like to thank Barbara aka Betty for my AMAZING Easter package! It definitely brightened up my weekend that's for sure! Like I said, if you haven't seen Betty's blog yet, click this link to be taken to her page. I hope you enjoyed the post and I will hopefully have an amazing nail mail post coming to you later this week from my swap with Nicole so keep an eye out for that! I hope you're all having a lovely Easter weekend and have eaten your body weight in tasty chocolate treats! HAPPY EASTER LADIES!


  1. Really amazing. So beautiful :))

  2. What an awesome nail mail. Your bunny was very good to you. =)

  3. Hiii looove!!
    I'm so happy you loved it!! I'm even more happy that it arrived safely and before easter!!!! YEY!!!!
    I was soooo worried! Omg!

    Have you eaten all the candies already?! :D