Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nail Mail: Thursday

Hi ladies, I have a little bit of nail mail to show you today! There's two things I received in the mail today, one I got last week and then one I got as a present from the boyfriend. So lets get cracking shall we?

The first things that arrived in the mail today were these pretties from A England. They were having a sale on last week to celebrate Tristam (Adina's (the creator) cat) first year of life! If you're familiar with A England, you'll know Tristam is also the name of two A England polishes. Unfortunately, my payday was after the sale ended, so the lovely Benedicte from I'm Anaa offered to pick these up for me (as well as the next lot of polishes you will see below) How amazing is she?! If you haven't come across her blog yet, I suggest you go check it out! The two polishes you see here are Bridal Veil & Ascalon! Such pretty holos :')
A England are available directly from their website for £9 each! They have free worldwide shipping too!

The next lot of pretties to arrive courtesy of Benedicte, were these three Dandy Nails polishes created by Sandy from Dandy Nails. The polishes I picked out were Funhouse, Inside The Fire & You Set My Soul Alight (Who doesn't love Muse?) You can purchase Dandy Nails from her Etsy shop for between $7.50 & $8!

These two were presents from my AMAZING boyfriend! He picked up Models Own Indian Ocean, from their new Beetlejuice releases and Disco Heaven from their new HedKandi line. You can purchase Models Own directly from their website for £5 or if you're in the UK you can find them in most Boots stores too!

The final polish is one I ordered from eBay a while back, which arrived last week. As some of you may know I have been on the hunt for all the polishes in the OPI Suede collection and I have now completed that mission. Unfortunately I only have 5 of the 7 with me as two are taking a little holiday over in the US at Nicel's house, but they will be with me soon. This polish is Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow for those of you wondering. I think this cost me around £8, which is £3 less than retail for OPI. This is apparently hard to find now too, so I think I got myself a bargain there.

All My Suedes (Minus Russian Navy & You Don't Know Jacques); We'll Always Have Paris, OPI Ink, Lincoln Park After Dark, Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow & Suzi Skis In The Pyranees.

So there you have my little haul for the week! I'm doing pretty well up to now on my no-buy month! Yes I'm aware we're only 5 days in, luckily I have a swap box and some smaller swap packages on the way so those will be able to keep me entertained for the time being! If you haven't already, check out my blog sale every little helps towards paying off my bills! *sad face* I'm open to some offers on them, so just send me an e-mail and we'll discuss prices :)


  1. Indian Ocean looks amazing (and according to a recent swatch by someone it looks so diff over black - who knew) ...

    I love the suede collection and I'm also trying to collect them all! I'm only missing one now. I think. haha

  2. I'm really glad I could help you!!! ♥
    You're such a nice girl, I couldn't buy my Dandy Nails and my 30% Off A-England and just be happy for myself while you were sad to miss the sale because of your payday... =)

    I like the Models Own (what an amazing boyfriend you have!) & Suede OPI too, they are pretty!!

  3. He has his moments sometimes, that's for sure. Most of the time he's more broke than I am so it's a nice change, aha.