Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Swatch: Diego Dalla Palma - Shade 18

Hi ladies! I have a swatch post for you today from Diego Dalla Palma. Before this polish, I had never heard of Diego Dalla Palma, so before I get into the swatch post, I thought I would give you a little bit of background to Diego Dalla Palma.

"The diego dalla palma brand came into being in Milan in the mid 1970s and it was immediately a revolution: professional skills together with revolutionary and non-conventional ideas, an ironic and breakaway language and the capacity to give an unusual and provocative image of oneself, are the distinguishing features of a successful brand for Italian and international professionals." 

As well as make-up, Diego Dalla Palma also have a Nail Polish range which consists of;
  • Base Coat; Protects the keratin of the nails from external agents and from the application of nail varnish, apply before all other nail products to prevent nail discolouration. Pink-tinged texture but transparent when applied.
  • Nail Gloss; A transparent gloss to apply on top of nail varnish to make it last longer and give incredible shine.
  • Nail Polish; Sophisticated shades that quickly become staples, their creamy formula ensures an even application with a bright, high-gloss effect and no chip/no streak finish.

Now that the information is out of the way, lets get onto the polish swatch shall we?!

Bottle & Box Shot
The colour I have to show you is Shade 18; a vibrant, high gloss, true Red creme. Is it just me or do you get a little disappointed when the name is just a number? The application itself was perfect, the photos below are 3 coats, but it's so pigmented you could have easily gotten away with 2. Drying time was spot on too, by the time I had finished painting my second hand, the first was ready for another coat.

Indoors, Natural Light
Direct Sunlight
Direct Sunlight

After countless searches, I think I have found my new 'go-to' Red and it compliments my pale complextion perfectly! Diego Dalla Palma Nail Polishes are available to buy at Tesco stores, if you're in the UK for £10 each for 10ml of product. You can also purchase Diego Dalla Palma from BeautyBay for £10 (with free worldwide delivery!)
What do you think to Diego Dalla Palma? Have you ever tried/Do you ever see yourself purchasing some of their products?
You can find Diego Dalla Palma on Facebook and Twitter @DDPBeauty