Monday, 6 August 2012

Swatch: BarryM - Silver Multi Glitter

Hi ladies! I have one of the recently released BarryM glitters to show you today that have been sitting in my 'to post' folder for a while now. Silver Multi Glitter is a finely milled mixture of Silver, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow & Pink glitters, reminiscent of their now discontinued shade 'Silver Cascade' which was also dubbed the OPI - Mad As A Hatter dupe. Although, not owning Silver Cascade myself, from photos I've seen around the web the glitters in Silver Multi Glitter appears to be a lot finer than those in Silver Cascade. For the photos below, I used 3 coats of Silver Multi Glitter alone without a Base/Top coat. As with all BarryM polishes I have tried, I had no issues with the formula and they dried relatively quick!

You can purchase Silver Multi Glitter directly from their website, which offers worldwide postage, or if you're in the UK Silver Multi Glitter is also available for purchase at Superdrug & Boots stores nationwide for £2.99 each. What do you think to Silver Multi Glitter? Can you see yourself purchasing it any time soon?


  1. I can confirm that Silver Cascade has normal sized glitter while Silver Multi Glitter is much more finely milled - you are quite correct. I adore this polish up close but found that it looked like a rather dull silver polish at any passing glance at my hands... but the close-up beauty has me sold on this! xxx