Saturday, 4 August 2012

Swatch: eye CANDY - Colour Flip

Hi ladies! Ever since eye CANDY London sent me Liquid Gold to review, I have been desperately trying to find the remaining three Colour Flip polishes I needed but unfortunately I live in a small town with a limited 'beauty range' in my local Sainsburys so I've never been able to find them! However, last weekend I was on my way to catch the ferry over to Bruges and stopped at a random Sainsburys store to stock up on some snacks for our overnight trip and whilst I was there I thought I would check out their beauty section to see if they had any in stock, loan behold they had ALL of them! Since you're reading this post, I obviously snagged them all.

For those of you who haven't seen any of my previous eye CANDY London posts here's a little bit of background behind the brand; Originally only sold in selected Sainsburys stores, eye CANDY London is a 3-free brand which is sourced, created, designed & manufactured in the UK and offers high end quality without the price tag. They have since become available for purchase from & Sainsburys online as well as distributors in Holland, Italy and Finland, which will be announced in the upcoming months! Now that's out the way, lets get on to the swatches!!


Indoors, Natural Light
Green With Envy is a Green/Teal/Blue Duo chrome. The photo above is 2 coats of Green With Envy commando & without Base/Top coat. Dupes include Unpredictable from the new China Glaze Bohemian collection!

Indoors, Natural Light
 Liquid Gold* is a Gold/Green/Blue Duo Chrome. Above is 2 coats of Liquid Gold commando & without a Base/Top coat. Dupes include Chanel 'Peridot', OPI 'Just Spotted The Lizard' & China Glaze 'Rare & Radient'.

Indoors, Natural Light
In water (sorry for the blur)
Sexy & You Know It is a Purple/Golden Brownish Duo chrome. Above is 3 coats of Sexy & You Know It commando & without a Base/Top coat. I was a little disappointed at how 'un-duochrome' it looks on the nail and can only be really seen when the nails are submerged in water (see above). Dupes include China Glaze 'No Plain Jane'.

Indoors, Natural Light
Regally Yours is a deep Blue/Black Duo chrome. Above is 2 coats of Regally Yours commando & without a Base/Top Coat. Again, this isn't the most duo chrome of the collection, but it's actually one of my favourites! Dupes include OPI 'Into The Night' and China Glaze 'Want My Bawdy'.

What do you think of the Colour Flip polishes? Which is your favourite? Remember, you can win all of these polishes by entering & sharing my eye CANDY giveaway here, which ends August 31st! Also, eye CANDY London polishes are currently 1/3 off RRP at Sainsburys until August 25th which means Colour Flip polishes are £5.33 instead of the usual £8! Be sure to follow eye CANDY on Facebook (here & here) & Twitter to keep up with the latest news and offers!!

*This product was sent to me for review by eye CANDY London's PR. All other items were purchased by myself.


  1. I've had Green and Sexy sitting in my untrieds drawer since May and still not gotten around to using them. I skipped on Regally because it didn't seem that duo and I've already got similar colours.

    1. You should get them out! (haha, I sound like a builder..LOL) But seriously, Green with envy is stunning, I wasn't as taken with Sexy but I LOVE Regally Yours, there's just something about it, it's like it glows from the inside.

  2. I think Green With Envy is my favourite of the set. Definitely looks similar to Unpredictable, but it actually looks like it has more duo shift with fewer brushstrokes!

  3. Thanks for posting these! I keep seeing them in Sainsbury's and wondering about them. But like you, they only ever seem to have one of them (Liquid Gold - and I already had Peridot). Maybe I'll make a trip to a bigger Sainsbury's soon...