Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Swatch: Purple Professional - 43 & 44

Hi ladies! It's been a long time, first of all I'd like to apologise for my lack of posts over the past couple of months. I started a new job which takes up a lot of my usual swatching time and on top of that, I've also been getting illness after illness lately too, which isn't good AT ALL. However, I do plan to change all that and get this blog and myself back into the swing of things by re-starting and hopefully completing, the 31 Day Challenge throughout September. I know, there's only 30 days in September, but the last part of the challenge is to re-create your favourite mani which I will probably skip so it fits into the month. Also, to make things more interesting, I plan to incorporate the 30 Days of Untrieds into the challenge too, meaning each day I will use at least ONE untried nail polish in the challenge. If anyone wants to join this with me, let me know!
Okay, so back to the post!
You can see the previous posts I've done for Purple Professional here which includes information on where you can find/purchase them. As I've mentioned before, Purple Professional are currently only sold in Portugal, but are in the process of expanding the brand to various countries around the world.

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