Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Challenge: Day 5 - Blue Nails

Hi ladies! Day 5 of the challenge and I'm still going strong *yayy* I hope you're all enjoying the challenge so far whether you're spectating or participating! Day 5 is Blue Nails so for this I used 3 coats of Collection 2000 - Button Moon and then stamped over it using Rio Beauty Printing Varnish in Blue* and Mash-50*

So there you have my entry for Blue Nails! What do you think? Remember to add your link to the inlinkz form below so I can browse your entries for Day 5 too! For those of you wanting to add the inlinkz to your own posts, click here to be taken to the google doc with everything you'll need for the next 30 days!

Untried Used
Collection 2000 - Button Moon

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  1. Holy schnikeys that is awesome stamping! I totes thought that had to be a nail strip! Looks so perfect!!!!

    1. Yes! Unfortunately I'm no where near as steady handed or talented to be able to do that freehand!

  2. this is very chick... looks like a denim :)

  3. this is so cute I love the preppy vibe to it

  4. This is great, very cool stamping :)

  5. Beautiful....makes make want to go on a picnic. Amazing stamping!

  6. These look brilliant, what an awesome clear stamp!

  7. Nicely done! Loved the pattern!