Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Swatch: BarryM - Gelly Nail Paints

Hi ladies! You may remember last week I posted the Press Release for the new BarryM Gelly Nail Paints, well today I have 4 of those to show you! When BarryM announced they are releasing these new polishes, I thought they were going to be Jelly finishes, but they are actually a 'tribute' to Gel Nails with their high gloss finish and one coat application but do not need to be cured under a UV light in order to achieve such shine.
Like with most BarryM polishes I have tried, I had no trouble with the formula or application, they are super pigmented and are dry by the time you have applied the first coat on one hand. Just as Gel Nails intended, the Gelly Nail Paints dry to a 'wet look' finish, by which I mean that they look as if they are freshly painted & are still in the process of drying. As some of you may have noticed, BarryM has also stepped away from their usual Matte Black caps and replaced them with these gorgeous shiny Silver caps too! This may just be to separate the Gellys from the regular line, but I really like them.

All the photos below have been taken indoors in Natural lighting without a Base or Top coat.


Prickly Pear is a milky Lilac shade with slightly Blue undertones. Unfortunately this didn't live up to the 'One Coat' which BarryM mentioned, instead it took me 3 coats to get to full opacity. As you can see from the photos, even without a top coat, the polish is still really glossy even on a stormy UK day. Since Prickly Pear is somewhat sheer, I think it would work well in a Jelly Sandwich a lot more than the rest in this collection.

Grapefruit didn't show up so well in my photos, but it's a bright bubblegum pink with slight hints of Red undertones. Similar to Prickly Pear, it took me 3 coats of Grapefruit for full opacity.

Satsuma is a bright Coral Orange and is one of the more pigmented Oranges I have tried. I applied one thick coat of Satsuma for full opacity.

Pomegranate is probably my favourite of the bunch and is a bright, Hot Pink with Red undertones. Now this was a perfect one coater and I didn't have to apply a thicker coat for it to reach it's full opacity. It's also probably the shiniest of the bunch too. LOVE IT.

BarryM Gelly Nail Paints will be available to buy on the BarryM website from September 21st and also in  Superdrug stores from September 26th and Boots from October 3rd! Priced at £3.99 each for 10ml of product in 9 different shades! I will definitely be snatching up the remaining 5 shades when they're released! What do you think to Prickly Pear, Grapefruit, Satsuma & Pomegranate? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love! Thanks for the review! I definitely love Pomegranate the most. But I'd love to see your attempt at the jelly sandwich you mentioned may work with pricky pear!

  2. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. They're pretty colours, but I can't see anything about them that justifies them being more expensive than the normal polishes :( Thanks for sharing tho!

  3. Pretty but they don't seem all that special to me :/

  4. Do these remove like normal polish or like a gel polish?

    1. They remove with nail polish remover just like normal polish :)

  5. I tell you Barry M are going to bankrupt me if they keep on bringing gorgeous polishes out these all look stunning on you!

  6. Love the shine on these, really great. Not sure if I will take the plunge as my untried pile is OUT of control :-)

  7. So pretty! and I am a big fan of gel polish kit!!

    - Cindy
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  8. Can you use a UV light to dry these or will they mess them up