Thursday, 11 October 2012

Swatch: Purple Professional Spam

Hi ladies! I have another little 'collection' post for you from the brand Purple Professional, a Portuguese brand. I first heard of Purple Professional through my good friend Betty Nails posts and I was a little disappointed when I learnt they're only available in Portugal, but thanks to a swap with Rosa of The Nail Polish & The Blog, I was able to try my first Purple polishes. Since then, I have also been chosen as one of the International bloggers to sample some of Purple Professionals line as they are currently making plans to expand throughout Europe and possibly Worldwide too!
Today's post consists of just over half of my Purple collection, I've also done a few posts previous to this featuring some Purple polishes too, to see the collective posts, click here. The main reason why I love Purple Professional, is their formula, it's pigmented - you only need 2 coats for the majority, it's the right consistency - it's neither too thick nor too runny and the best of's fast drying with a high gloss finish. Since there's a few photo's in this post, I have included a jump break.


46 is a Taupe creme with muted Purple undertones. I applied 2 coats for the photos above without a base/top coat. I should mention here, that all photos have been taken indoors, in natural light.

19 is a muddy, Chocolate Brown creme. The photos are 2 coats without a base/top coat.

47 is a Berry Purple creme with Rose Pink undertones. Again, this is 2 coats without a base or top coat.

52 is a medium toned Jade Green creme. It's a lot more Green toned than is shown on these photos, but my camera was having a sissy fit trying to capture it's true colour. None the less this is my kinda colour. 2 coats without a base/top coat.

44 is another polish my camera didn't like, a lot brighter in person 44 is a hot 'Barbie' Pink creme. Betcha can't guess how many coats this was?!

26 is a Hot Pink creme with slightly Red undertones. Again, it's brighter in real life than shown on the photos, silly camera! This is 2 coats without a base/top coat.

30 is a bright Neon Coral which dries to a Satin finish. As you can see, the photos show 30 to be an almost Pastel pink, but I assure you in person it is a lot more in your face. This one is one of the rare polishes which required 3 coats!

So there you have a selection of Purple Professional polishes which I have in my possession. As I mentioned previously, as far as I'm aware Purple is currently only available in Portugal but there are talks of expansion throughout Europe as well as branching out Worldwide. To be sure you don't miss any announcements, give Purple a like on Facebook.


  1. Oh, how pretty! I've never heard of this brand before, but I'd love to see it come to Hong Kong--these colours are amazing! And such great shine, even without top coat!

  2. i have 2 bottles from the new collection and i like them!



  3. oh my gowd they look amazing on your nails!!! loved it!!

  4. I love cremes and these are pretty!