Sunday, 14 October 2012

Swatch Series: OPI - Skyfall Collection

Hi ladies! We're back with the second instalment of the 'Skyfall Swatch Series' with On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Before we get on to the swatches, let's have a little look at the background of the film, shall we?!

The 6th James Bond film.

Starring George Lazenby as James Bond, Diana Rigg as Tracy Di Vincenzo (and the only Mrs. James Bond!) and Telly Savalas (Kojak) as the villain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Also starring Joanna Lumley (later of Absolutely Fabulous). Directed by Peter Hunt.

Opening dates: UK and US, December 18, 1969.

Now on to the swatches!

You'll have to excuse how terrible these photos are, my camera did not want to co-operate and take at least semi-decent photos. Nevertheless, On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a Dark Blue base with Silver, Blue, Green & Gold glass flecks. Just a warning to those of you who have yet to use this polish; it stinks, like REALLY bad. I have no idea why but urgh, it's not a pleasant smell...think rotten eggs? I used 2 coats of OHMSS without a base/top coat.

So here's my second instalment for the Skyfall Swatch Series, you can see my previous post on You Only Live Twice here. Stay tuned tomorrow for Bond movie #3!


  1. Looks pretty! Very close to Zoya Feifei huh?

  2. I love the way you're presenting these Bond polishes! ^_^

    Long name, but a very pretty polish! All the foil colours come together to make a kind of sexy, gunmetal grey, which is pretty much perfect for 007. Can't wait to see the next installment!

  3. This is one of my favourites from the collection, not so sure about the film!

  4. I have it, as well and I really like it but the colour is very hard to be caught on camera LOL