Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Swatch: Dandy Nails - Fakes & Fibbers

Hi ladies! I have another one of my Dandy Nails custom polishes to show you today! This time it's one that is currently up for grabs as part of my 2,000 follower giveaway! Now, I'd love to take credit for the name and colours for this polish, but it was actually the idea of a friend of mine, Harry David. Fakes & Fibbers is actually the name of one of his songs, and he wanted the polish to be Black & Gold. So I put the idea to Sandy of Dandy Nails and this is what she came up with! For those of you who like Acoustic, catchy music, you should definitely check out Harry, you can listen to a selection of his songs on his Soundcloud and if you like what you hear, give him a little like on Facebook & Twitter and let him know I sent you over there! 
Fakes & Fibbers is a clear base packed with micro Silver & Black glitter, with larger Black & Gold hex glitter. I layered one medium coat over Jessica - Wedding Gown without a base or top coat for the photos below.

What do you think to Fakes & Fibbers? Remember this polish could be yours just go to my giveaway at the side of my page and enter for your chance to win! Although this has solely been made for the giveaway and my personal use, it's not available at Dandy Nails, however you can purchase even more awesome polishes from Dandy Nails directly from her Etsy shop, which will be having a full restock on 16th November, for $8 each!