Monday, 10 December 2012

Just a little update.

Hi ladies! It's been a long time since I last checked in with you all, so I thought an update on what has been happening would be appropriate.

Lately, I haven't had the motivation nor the mind set for blogging, a lot of it has to do with the fact I am unhappy with my current set up with regards to lighting, my camera and just the general look to my photos. I know everyone cannot just pick up a camera and be amazing at taking photos, I know it takes hard work and a lot of reading about the camera and it's capabilities before you can expect to see the results. I started this blog in October of last year because I wanted to share my passion for polish with like-minded others who just so happen to stumble across my little blog, I never expected it to grow as much as it has in a short space of time, not that I'm not grateful, but I feel as though I need to step up my game a little in order to make my subscribers proud and actually want to read what I have to say, not just because I have a giveaway. But in order for this to happen, I need to improve the quality of Polished Criminails, in terms of regular posts, being more interactive with my readers who take the time to comment (I do read every ones comments, I just SUCK at replying to them) and just generally make my blog more appealing.

What do I plan to do? Well, I think I will continue my little blogging hiatus over the Holiday season in order to set myself up a blogging schedule, in which I will plan to set aside time for swatching, uploading, editing and creating posts each week for the whole week and also just get more comfortable with the lighting set up, camera settings and which angles work best for myself. It's going to be a long process, but in the long run I believe it will help me with my 'blogging anxeity' and hopefully keep you, my readers, coming back to see more and who knows maybe bringing in some new people to the fold.

I also plan to bring you more in terms of nail design, whether it's stamping, freehand or even some 'Nail Care' tips and tricks. However, since you guys are my audience, your feedback is of the up most importance to me, so I'd love to hear about what you'd like to see on Polished Criminails, it can be anything nail/nail care related and I will try and put something together for you all.

Hopefully, I haven't bored you all to death with my ramblings and you're all still with me, it's pretty late, but I just wanted to fill you all in about why I'm not around as much & what the future holds for Polished Criminails. In the mean time, my 2,000 follower giveaway is still on going, so be sure to check out the amazing Indie brands you could be winning!

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season and a fantastic New Year. See you all in 2013!!...if 2012 doesn't happen, of course ;)


  1. Everything you have planned sounds great to me! I'm of the opinion of if something you love to do starts to feel like 'work' instead of being fun, then it's time to take a break for a little while so you can get the enjoyment or inspiration back. Everyone needs a break now and then, even bloggers. :0)

    Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, if you prefer) and may your New Year start in the most beautiful of ways (with the ones you love and enjoy the most). See you next year! :D

    1. I agree, something you started as a hobby because you enjoy doing it should never become something you feel you HAVE to do, I thought it was best for me to take a step back and just re-evaluate why I started doing this in the first place before I start to resent it.

      All the best to you too, and I hope Santa brings you everything you wished for! I plan to be very 'Merry' this Christmas, if you catch my drift, haha!

    2. I also agree with what Angela is saying here. Life is to short not to do what makes you happy. Enjoy your holiday! Come back to it refreshed, when you are ready. Best to you and yours. : D

  2. I love your blog Rachel. I know I don't comment much, but I always read your posts. Look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for next year :o) <3

  3. I just want you to do whatever YOU feel like doing, don't put any pressure on yourself, it shouldn't be something you dread or don't want to do, do what makes it fun for you. Enjoy your Christmas break, hope you have a great Christmas & please don't put yourself under any stress, we'll all be here in January :)x

  4. I think Angela said it perfectly so I'll have to ditto her comment! I'm looking forward to what u have to inspire us with next year. Oh and btw, we dont expect the most perfect of everything from our bloggers. I personally just love reading ur nail polish adventures and seeing what wonderful colours and collections are coming that I will most likely never own. I live vicariously through you really( when it comes to nail things). Just do what you enjoy in a manner you enjoy it is all we really ask. Have a lovely festive season and we'll be here next year! Michelle.