Friday, 4 January 2013

ABC Challenge: C is for Catrice

Hi ladies! Next up on the ABC Challenge stop we have 'C'. I had SO many options for C that I was struggling with which to choose, eventually I settled with Catrice, a European brand. Before we get into the swatches, I want to apologise for the photos. The lighting was completely off when I did these, it was SUPER dull outside and that shows in them, they're also a little grainy for my liking. Hopefully you'll forgive me and just enjoy...Remember to click here to see all ABC challenge posts!

Heavy Metallic is a frosty Purple metallic with flashes of Magenta and Purple running throughout. It's definitely one of those polishes that catches your eye, just by the way it glows from the nail. I wish I could have captured this polish better than I did. I used 2 coats of Heavy Metallic for the photos, without a base/top coat.

King Of Greens is a Forest Green polish with subtle Green and Silver shimmers. This is another one that I was just unable to capture it's true beauty, pretty much failing at this 'improving my photos' lark aren't I!? This is 2 coats of King Of Greens without a base or top coat.

Catrice polishes retail for around €2.50, being slightly more for Limited Edition shades, and are found in various European drugstores, unfortunately that doesn't include the UK, which is a total shame since I love Catrice! Which 'C' brand would have been your brand of choice for this post?
Stay tuned for D's entry later today!


  1. Cartrice would also have been my C, since it's the most brand I own the most nailpolishes from. Catrice is like à thirth of My stash..
    I love thse 2 :)

  2. Very pretty! I love King of Greens!

  3. I love both of those! Love Catrice..go go go on the ABC challenge!! You go girl! Great job!

  4. heavy metallilac :) beautiful swatches anyway! :D