Wednesday, 2 January 2013

ABC Challenge: A is for All That Glitters

Hi ladies! I hope you all had a good New Year filled with celebrations with your loved ones! As I mentioned in my New Year...New Blog post, I have decided to do the ABC Challenge, which I've seen floating around the blogisphere this past year and always wanted to do it but never got around to it. I've seen various takes on the ABC Challenge, from polish names to nail art prompts, but I haven't personally seen a pure Brand only challenge, which is what I plan on attempting this month! I say attempt, since I don't actually know if there are Brands for every letter of the alphabet and I sure as hell don't own them all, but with a little help from some amazing friends, I have been able to acquire some letters I was missing.

As much as I'd love to show you every polish I own from each brand which corresponds to the letter of the day - I can't as it would have taken me forever and a day, and then what would I have been able to show for the rest of the year? So I have chosen to show 2 swatches of a particular brand for each entry but I will link back to some previous posts featuring polishes with that letter.

Also, since I've decided to only post 3/7 days a week, I'll be showing 2 challenge entries a day, in separate posts, conveniently taking us to the end of January.

So I hope you enjoy this challenge and let me know which would be your brand of choice for each letter!

Kicking us off, we have All That Glitters!

Not A Prize To Be Won is a mixture of Lilac, Purple, Teal and Turquoise various sized Hex and Squared glitters in a sheer-toned Turquoise base. I applied 1 generous coat of Not A Prize To Be Won over Butter London - Scouse and applied a Top Coat to smooth it over.

Very Peacock-Ish is a mixture of Iridescent, Turquoise, Purple and Green Hexagonal, Square and Bar glitters with larger Gold & Black Hex glitters in a sheer Light Blue base. I applied 1 coat of Very Peacock-Ish over China Glaze - Hanging In The Balance and added a Top coat to smooth it all over.

You can purchase these polishes for yourself directly from All That Glitters Etsy store for $8 each or they are available from various on line retailers, such as Mei Mei Signatures for the same price! Which Brand would you have chosen as 'A'? Stay tuned for the second post of the day coming shortly!