Tuesday, 15 January 2013

ABC Challenge; L is for Lush Lacquer

Hi ladies! I only have one swatch to show you today from Lush Lacquer, the reason being I just could not get on with the other polish I had originally planned to show you this evening. I hope you can forgive me! This post was supposed to go up yesterday alongside 'K', but I wasn't happy with how the swatches looked, and I'm still not 100% there with them. It's absolutely freezing in the UK at the moment, and my hands are paying for it big time, regardless of how many times I moisturise. But I made a commitment to this challenge and I have to see it through.

Party Rockin' is a combination of Blue hex & bar glitters as well as various sized hex glitters in Pink, Orange & Yellow in a blue tinted base. I did find the application to be a difficult since the polish was on the thicker side and it took a lot of manipulation to get a reasonably even distribution, which is a shame since the polish itself is gorgeous. I layered one coat of Party Rockin' over Kiko - Utopian Blue without a top coat.

Again, I apologise for there only being one swatch from Lush Lacquer, but I'm just not happy with how the photos turned out, I will however leave you with a macro I took with one coat of Snow Globe over A England - Excalibur.

Hopefully tomorrows swatches will be more sucessful than this! In the meantime, here's a photo I took of the snow from my garden, I guess living in the countryside does have it's advantages...