Wednesday, 16 January 2013

ABC Challenge; M is for Maya Cosmetics

Hi ladies! I'm back with the first of 2 indie posts today, the first being two polishes from Maya Cosmetics, which I recently received in a Secret Santa package a group of mine did. Unfortunately, Maya only ships within the US/Canada, which makes polish junkies like myself extremely jealous! I've been told, however, that Kat, the creator, is currently working out plans to start shipping internationally *woooo*.
I absolutely love these polishes, the application was perfect, it wasn't too thick or to thin and gave good coverage for both glitter and regular and it seemed to dry reasonably fast, all of which are a must in my polish rule book - totally exists....Anyway, let's crack on with the swatches!

Hidden Agenda is a black Jelly base packed with various sized and shaped Red glitters with added Teal, Purple, Green and Gold smaller glitters. This is by far my favourite out of the 4 polishes I received in my Santa package, isn't it stunning! This is one coat of Hidden Agenda applied over W7 - Black without a Top coat.

Tranquilis is a Blackened Teal base (which you can see is slightly visible at the top of the bottle and in the macro photo) packed with Green, Gold and Copper shimmers. I tried to take a close up of the shimmery flakie goodness but it didn't turn out so well. This is 3 coats of Tranquilis without a base/top coat.

Maya Cosmetics are available on line here and retail for $8/9 each! As I mentioned, they're only available in the US and Canada at the moment but there are talks of possible expansion worldwide soon! Which brand would have been your choice for M?